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I have undergone recognised training with Cosmetic Courses and hold cosmetic indemnity insurance with Hamilton Fraser in order to provide the listed treatments available to you.


I give you the assurance of the highest standards of quality and safety in the aesthetic industry and use United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance as a benchmark for the products offered.


What should I expect from my journey with Vedaskin®?

Each client will be regarded holistically; the initial consultation is formed by a careful analysis of facial expression, taking a medical history and conducting an examination, ensuring suitability for the treatment concerned and taking into account your ideas, expectations and reasons for requesting treatment. Then using an honest and realistic approach, we will sit together and create a tailored treatment plan for you taking into account the time frame involved and cost.


You will then have time to reflect on the proposed plan and once happy, book you to come back for the actual treatment. You will be given a pre-treatment information pack to ensure that you and your skin is prepared safely for treatment.


At the next consultation, I will review this plan and address questions you may have. Once fully prepared I will ask you to sign a consent form which also covers photography of you pre- and post-treatment. Key landmarks will be highlighted from your facial analysis to guide treatment for optimum results before preparing the skin using antiseptic.


Post treatment, I will provide you with an after care plan and address any further questions you may have in addition to offering you a review appointment.

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