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When choosing Vedaskin® I want you to know that safety comes first and always when considering, implementing and reviewing treatments.

What does this mean for you?

  1. I, Dr Jigna Patel, take ownership in providing quality treatments and services.

  2. In accordance with the Health Education England (HEE) 2016, the necessary training and qualification requirements have been undertaken for the delivery of cosmetic and injectable treatments at the highest standard.

  3. The aim is to provide aesthetic treatments which are not only consistent in quality for all clients, but also takes into consideration your personal views on the importance of the decision you make.

  4. All injectable products used are obtained on prescription and meet the recommendations of the recent Keogh review.

  5. I will work with you to facilitate care that addresses your needs and wishes by providing options and the costs to you so as to ensure that you can make an informed choice. I will always explain the proposed treatment plan, pre- and aftercare, and fully discuss any risks no matter how small or significant. I encourage review of your treatments and results and provide peace of mind in who you should contact with any concerns in the hours or days after treatment.

  6. My method of working entails review via annual appraisal, self-audit of own practice in line with clinical governance and I encourage colleagues and clients to provide recommendations to enable me to enhance how clients are cared for.

  7. I, also being a General Practitioner (GP), have a duty to also take into consideration your general health whilst undergoing aesthetic treatments. I will ensure I obtain information on any medical conditions, medications and factor in your ideas, concerns and expectations in order to treat you safely. Your clinical documents and information is regarded with the utmost confidentiality and Vedaskin® is registered for Data Protection.

  8. To further enhance safety, I undergo training on current standards of infection control to ensure that the environment provided to you meets the high standard of care you should expect.

  9. Striving for excellence is important and to work towards this I take part in continuing professional development education by attending internationally recognised conferences in aesthetic medicine. This is to ensure you are offered the latest advances and techniques. Additionally, as per the mandatory requirement for revalidation as a GP, I am required to provide evidence of my work in the aesthetic field.

  10. Client views on my service are valuable and informative. I have a system in place to promptly address complaints and reflect on lessons learnt from mistakes via a ‘significant event analysis’. Vedaskin® can officially signpost you to a government authorised cosmetic redress scheme.

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