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Areas that line smoothing treatments can be used:

Forehead lines

Glabellar vertical/frown lines

Crows feet

Brow lift

Bunny lines

Gummy smile

Downturned mouth

Puckering/dimpled chin

Masseter hypertophy

Area available for treatment with Dermal Fillers:

Cheek reshape/contouring

Lip enhancement

Vermillion border

Oral commissures

Marionette lines

Nasolabial folds


Dermal Fillers (Juvederm® range):

Consultation                                                           FREE

Prices start from £225.00 per syringe (a detailed price given once bespoke treatment plan discussed)

Please note a deposit of £50.00 is payable on booking a treatment after the initial consultation. This will contribute to the total treatment price.

A cancellation charge within 48 hours applies if you cancel a treatment appointment £50.00

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